10 best creams for stretch marks.

Stretch marks can appear at a young or mature age. As a rule, they occur after childbirth or sudden weight loss or gain, due to hormonal disruptions. An effective remedy against them is a specialized cream.

To get rid of this cosmetic flaw, it is enough to choose a good product.

How to choose a cream 10 cose che ispirano gli imprenditori con determinazione for stretch marks.

In order for the cream to really cope with its task, it is extremely important to take into account the main nuances of the choice. There are quite a few of them, so before going to the store, try to analyze all of them and determine which tool is most suitable. Among the main criteria are:

The degree of neglect. Stretch marks can be fresh or old. To determine their age, just look at their shade. Striae have a bright pink color, indicating a lack of collagen, superficial damage and a period of up to 2 months.

A light pink or blue tone indicates the beginning of the healing process, such stretch marks are 2-3 months. The oldest are colored purple or brown. Appointment. Think about what exactly you are purchasing such cosmetics for.

In stores there are products aimed at deep restoration of the epidermis and those that have an exclusively preventive effect. Moreover, the price between them is very significant. Compound.

Any cream from the TOP-10 contains active ingredients to fight stretch marks. These are hyaluronic acid, various vitamins, proteins and silicon. If you need extra care, pay attention to cosmetics with oils.

Individual intolerance. If you are in doubt whether the cream is right for you, it is better to consult a doctor or conduct an allergy test. It is done in the same way as with all other cosmetic products.

An important issue is the choice of a brand, because the cost of a cosmetic product will largely depend on this. Try to avoid overly cheap products. Most likely, it will contain a lot of harmful chemicals and a minimum of useful components. There are quite budget creams and gels from domestic companies.

Pay attention to those that have good reviews.

When compiling the list of the best products for stretch marks, such factors as cost, effectiveness of the cream, its safety and the availability of additional skin care were taken into account. These parameters are fundamental.

Frequently asked Questions.

Which format to choose.

Lotions and oils are used more economically, so they last longer. But they always leave a greasy film on the skin, are often poorly absorbed and stain clothes. If this effect is unacceptable, it is worth choosing a cream with a light texture.

It is also more convenient to take the tube with you on a trip without fear of leaks.

What are the most budgetary and effective means.

With a limited budget, you should pay attention to domestic products, for example, cosmetics from Mama Comfort or Weleda. Is efficiency first of all important? Check out Bayer, AVENT or Mustela products.

Product descriptions are in our rating.

How often to use.

Usually, stretch marks are applied twice a day (morning and evening), so the consumption is quite large. If the product is needed for prophylaxis, a bottle of 100 ml or more is enough; for regular use and the fight against old stretch marks, you should buy cosmetics with a volume of 200 ml or more.

What additional effect can be achieved.

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