Airedale Terrier Archives –
Airedale Terrier Archives -

This book is an excellent guide to a good dog training book on learning when to walk and how they might become used to walking. It describes three basic steps each step for getting used to being a dog and their ability to handle small dogs. Each step is taught through video instruction.

This book came out of little experience with the basic obedience training used in Britain. This book is also very helpful, giving dogs and their families the best opportunity to train, see and learn.
Airedale Terrier Archives – An Introduction to the Terrier History and Learning Process – Chapters 1 – 10 / 12


In the early days of captivity, Terriers were trained and trained to breed for the comfort of their owners. This led to the adoption of special breeders who adopted Terriers to replace injured and ill Terriers who simply could not maintain a normal litter.

In the early 1800s, breeders began adopting these Terrier dogs, to the point where most of the Terriers have been adopted into households.

Many of these Terrier dogs have also been bred into hospitals in California. The Terrier Dog Registry

Terrier dog registry of CA records of most California Terrier dogs. The registry has been organized into one box of records. They are listed by breed. See box on left – for records of Terriers/Moles. You may search the registry listings for individual dogs by name. The database is compiled here: Airedale Terrier Archives –
See: Preg. No. 9, 9-6, or 10-9

Terrier Dogs

Most of the US Terriers are classified as hybrids with other breeds of terrier. A few breeds can breed with a single breeder for the purpose of breeding. Most hybrids exist as single dogs only – as