Classy Modern Curtain
Classy Modern Curtain
Classy Modern Curtain is proud to announce, with this in mind, the return of the classic Modern Curtain for the first time ever.

With a sleek sleek white exterior, this new Modern Curtain has an all-metal front and back, with polished leather, hard cases and a metal body. From top to bottom, you’ll find a unique, all-metal exterior. You’ll find a variety of great items (some with gold on it, some with silver), as well as an overall great look. Featuring modern, high density, durable materials and built for comfort, this looks great! Also, we take the time to say that from now on, the Modern Curtain will be sold separately from any other Modern Curtain.

The Modern Curtain comes packed in beautiful black leather with the logo of our namesake brand, Modern Curtain Art. Inside, there’s an embroidered floral note, two beautiful colorways, and we have some rare and amazing specialties to choose from. Classy Modern Curtain

In addition, you’ll find a few hand painted prints, including ones from C&I. We’ll be bringing you the best in prints!

This Modern Curtain is designed by our very own Matt Jahn. These are high quality prints of the original Modern Curtain! We created those prints after creating the Modern Curtain in 2006 after a personal experience in a photography class. The Modern Curtain was created for the world of Modern art with the help of