Hair growth products: choosing the right mask.

Thick, shiny, healthy hair has always been considered one of the hallmarks of beauty. Alas, not everyone got such wealth from nature. While some are forced to go to the hairdresser every month, because the hair grows back quickly, others complain that they do not grow at all or grow too slowly.

To solve this problem, there are hair growth masks. How effective are they, in what cases can they help, what components should be included in such funds and how to use them correctly?

How effective are masks for activating hair growth?

When can we say that hair grows slowly? Hair growth rate is a strictly individual indicator. On average, hair grows 1-1.5 cm per month.

The rate of hair growth is influenced by many factors – from gender (in women, hair grows a little slower), race (hair grows fastest in Asians) and genetics to diet, mood and condition health.

But sometimes the normal growth rate slows down. Without understanding the reasons for this phenomenon, it is impossible to cope with the consequences. There are several situations when hair begins to grow poorly:

Improper nutrition. For good hair growth, B vitamins are needed, including biotin, vitamins C and E, iron, molybdenum. If these substances are low in the diet, hair will grow worse.

Stress. Stress causes spasms of small vessels, including those that nourish the hair follicle. Deprived of blood flow, it can die altogether. Diseases of the endocrine system and gastrointestinal tract.

Slow hair growth and hair loss is one of the symptoms of a malfunction in the body. In this case, the disease itself must be treated. Skin diseases such as seborrhea, lichen, psoriasis and others.

Excessive enthusiasm for aggressive procedures such as styling with a hot hair dryer, dyeing, bleaching, perming or straightening.

As we can see, the reason for slow hair growth often lies in the state of the body. Hair growth masks are able to solve this problem, but only partially and not always. Such remedies will be most effective if the main cause of slow hair growth is poor circulation and dry scalp. Almost all cosmetic masks for hair growth are aimed at improving microcirculation and nourishing the scalp, they also have a purely visual effect, covering the hair with a thin film and making it shiny and smooth – before the first shampooing.

Hair growth masks are suitable for those who are already doing well (but would like to be better), they can be used in complex therapy and for prophylactic purposes. However, do not flatter yourself – if hair problems are serious and caused by internal disturbances, cosmetics alone will not save the situation.

Ready-made masks to enhance hair growth.

Almost every cosmetic brand has masks against hair loss and to accelerate hair growth. Most often, such products include the following active ingredients:

Oat extract. It contains a large amount of proteins needed to “repair” damaged hair and nourish the follicles. Mineral mud.

They contain many beneficial minerals that hair needs to grow. Mineral mud removes excess oiliness from the scalp, has an antimicrobial effect, removes toxins and stimulates hair growth.

All these components are included in inexpensive masks from the mass market, and in professional products. Depending on the manufacturer, the cost of a hair growth mask can range from 200 to 3000–4000 rubles. All of them are more or less effective, the main thing is to choose the right product for your hair type.

Look for masks that are designed to address a specific problem and one type of hair. Products intended for general health and for all hair types are generally relatively neutral and are intended for hair care that does not have any pronounced problems.

Homemade masks for fast hair growth.

Despite the fact that masks for hair loss can be bought at any store, many people prefer to prepare them on their own – some out of love for everything environmentally friendly and natural, some because of financial difficulties, and some are simply convinced that homemade hair growth products are much more effective than commercial formulas. Here are some popular homemade mask recipes:

Cut off the crust from black bread, crush the bread, fill it with a liter of boiled water and leave for an hour. Strain this mixture and apply the liquid to the hair roots. Put on a shower cap and walk for two hours, then rinse your hair with water. Black bread is rich in B vitamins, and they, as we remember, accelerate the growth of healthy hair.

Mix a tablespoon of mustard powder and half a glass of kefir. Leave the mixture on for 15 minutes, then apply the mixture to your scalp, put on a shower cap, roll your hair in a towel and walk like that for at least 15 minutes. Mustard has a warming effect, improves blood circulation, cellular respiration and metabolism. This is exactly what the nourishing hair follicles need.

Mix a spoonful of burdock oil, a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of onion juice. Apply the mask to hair, massage well and leave to work for 2 hours, then rinse with water and a mild shampoo. Onion juice improves microcirculation, honey and burdock oil nourish and moisturize the scalp.

All this has a beneficial effect on hair follicles.

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