Inpods 12 Pro Metallic in
Inpods 12 Pro Metallic in
Inpods 12 Pro Metallic in Red, White Metal Caked with Red, Purple, White and Bright Green Colors

Comes with a clear plastic case (not included), full-size airlock, and the case can be used as a gift. Only available as a limited-edition limited-edition edition. This is a limited-edition product.

Item#: G7-R2

Color: Red, White

Price: $199.99

All G7 Premium Nippers come packed with two separate pieces of the “G” ring engraved with the star of the band of the G6 (the G-6) symbol on each tongue.

The ring’s “G” type indicates the quantity and type of rings and can be filled in different numbers depending on the size or type of the “C” type ring. There are approximately six different combinations of these type ring pieces available on the Web.

These sets of inserts are made of quality PVC with a quality-sized plastic bag. Made or assembled in the U.S.A.

Please note: Because G7-R2 is “G-6-R” type of ring, all G7-R2 inserts are “G” type of ring and are also available in a full colour, clear plastic bag in our store. Please note that we cannot exchange or distribute these products.